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Supplies You'll Need:
Colored Paper a little thicker than cardstock for your Cover (I used a colored sheet that came in a prepackaged set from the dollar store, you can use cardstock if you prefer, just skip Step 4)
See through Handmade Paper (Optional - this would make your cover fancier)
White Cardstock Paper
Small Dried Flowers (Optional - if you want to add ornamentation to your cover)
26 Guage White Wire
White Labels
Circle Micropunch
Long Tweezers
Box Cutter
Wire Cutters

Step 1: Trace the pattern onto your cardstock.

Step 2: Mark each seam at the end with a pencil.

Step 3: Using a box cutter, lightly score a line from one end of the seam to the other, do both seams this way.

Step 4: Gently peel off the outer layer at the seam.  If you use cardstock there won't be a layer to peel off, it depends on the thickness of paper used.  If you can't peel this off, do not worry, just make sure your seam is thin and flexible, see Step 5

Step 4a: This is what it should look like now, the seam being flexible

Step 5: Gently roll the seam until it is flexible and rounded.  If you choose to leave your cover as it is now, just skip Steps 6, 7 & 8.

Step 6: Glue your dried flowers onto the cover if you wish to do this.
Step 5: Gently roll the seam until it is flexible and rounded.  If you choose to leave your cover as it is now, just skip Steps 6, 7 & 8.

Step 7:  Put a light even coat of glue across your entire cover, being careful not to destroy your dried flowers.

Step 8:  Lay your handmade see through paper on top of the glued cover and press down, making sure there are no air bubbles and the edges are all glued tight.  After this has dried, cut excess paper off the edges being careful not to cut into the cover.

Now set that aside as you work on making the inside scrapbook pages

Step 9: Cut 6 pieces of cardstock paper 1" wide x 1 x/6" high. Cut strips of labels 1/4" wide

Step 10: Lay the long side (1 1/16") of the cardstock onto the center of the label

Step 11: Fold the label over at the middle

Step 12: Press down making sure to press out all air bubbles.

Step 13:  Stick labels on 5 of the cards, on both sides as shown here.

Step 14: On the leftover piece of cardstock that you cut, ony put one label down on one of the sides. You will use this as a template.  Draw 8 tiny circles across the edge, spread evenly apart.  Cut out as holes with your micro puncher, if you use a desk lamp with a light above you, it is easy to see your pencil markings through the micro puncher hole to cut these out.

Step 15:  Lay the template on top of each card, draw in a dot where you cut out the holes.  Cut out 8 holes on one side only of each card, making sure this is the longer side of the card with the label reinforcement.

Step 16:  Align all the cards together with the holes matching up.

Step 17:  Feed your wire through the first hole twice.  Then continue feeding your wire through each consecutive hole after that.  Make sure that you have enough tension so it looks right, but not too tight so your pages won't turn.  When your reach the other end wrap your wire through the end hole twice.

Step 18:  Snip the ends of the wires and tuck them under.  Put a line of glue into the bookbinding seam and lay the wired pages in there until they dry.

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