dinsdag 12 januari 2021

Schommel Eend

Original by Maude


    1/8 ply or basswood
    Toothpick or fine dowel
    Acrylic paint and paintbrush

Cut 2 pieces of ply together in duck shape as shown.

On insides, mark where the seat will go as shown. Also make an indent with a small drill ready for dowel or toothpick.

Do not drill right through.

Sand and paint yellow or color of your choice on face sides.

Paint inside white.

Cut seat pieces and glue together as shown. Place aside to set.

When dry, place one side face down and glue seat in position.

After putting rocker together and set aside to dry -----------

Lightly draw with pencil where eye and beak will go.

Now paint or dry brush some white on cheek and front tummy and wing to create a little 3rd dimension.

Using a suitable color, wet your brush , side load and create a shading to show face edge , wing shape and impression of feathers at end of wing and tail. Paint the beak , then carefully outline with a fine line of brown.

Place a mark to indicate the nostril and beak line.

Paint a fine line to indicate the eye and add the pupil. Place a small white dot on the pupil to show highlight.

The insides of the rocker are painted 2 coats of white.

Later the whole rocker can be sprayed with crystal clear to give a nice sheen to finish.

Next, with glue on the edge of the seat, position carefully to line up marks, dab glue on dowel ends and place between sides, checking that the position is correct.

When the other side is in place, set aside to dry.

This rocker is suitable for dolls 2" high.

This pattern is for personal use only and not to be used for commercial profit.


NOTE: The sketch shows the position of the dowel. The length of the dowel is 1 -1/8".
Cut 2 seat pieces [each piece is 1-1/8" by 3/4"]
Glue together as shown.

Some kits are available, contact for details.

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