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Original by Chelsea Foy

Macrame is such a rewarding craft technique. Once you have a few simple knots under your belt, you can create endless combinations to make lovely, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. This DIY macrame table runner only uses one type of knot over and over to create a beautiful woven pattern that brings a boho vibe to your table top. It's the perfect project to tackle with friends or while you're watching your favorite movie. The table runner comes together quickly and easily, and your guests will definitely be asking where you bought it!

DIY Macrame table runner

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors


  • Macrame cord
  • Masking tape


  1. Cut Your Cords

    Start by cutting your macrame cord into 12 pieces, each 15 feet in length. It helps to wrap each end of each cord with masking tape to avoid fraying as you're working with the cords. Arrange cords on the floor or at a table where you're comfortable working, spreading them to ensure they're not tangled or knotted.

    macrame cords
  2. Knot in Pairs

    Next, knot the cords into pairs of two. You should end up with six pairs of cords, each knotted. Be sure to leave about 10 inches of cord hanging free on the end of the knots. This will be one end of your table runner.

    knotted macrame cord
  3. Start a Square Knot

    Now you'll start creating the knots that will weave together to form your table runner. First, separate the four leftmost strands of cord. Push the others aside to give yourself some space to work.

    Bring the left cord over the top of the other three cords, creating the shape of a loose number "4."

    macrame square knot
  4. Continue the Square Knot

    Now, bring the right cord over the top of the left cord that you just moved. Bring the tail of the right cord under the center two cords, then upward though the middle of your "4," and up to the left.

    macrame square knot
  5. Pull Ends

    Gently pull the two outer cords together so that the knot starts to form. Leave about two inches from the base of your original knots to allow for spacing. Now you've completed the first half of your first square knot.

    macrame square knot
  6. Finish the First Square Knot

    Now you'll repeat the process of steps three through five, but mirrored and starting with the rightmost cord. Start by taking the right cord (from your group of four cords) and laying it over the remaining three cords. Then place the left cord over the top of the right cord you just moved.

    macrame square knot
  7. Pull Taut

    Bring that left cord under the two center cords, then up through and over the right cord. Pull the two side cords taut to meet the other half of your knot. Now you have completed the first square knot.

    macrame square knot
    square knot
  8. Create Another Square Knot

    Make another square knot, repeating steps three through seven, right underneath your first square knot (using the same four cords).

    macrame square knot
  9. Move to the Next Section

    Now that you know the knots you'll be creating, keep going! Move on to the next four cords. Repeat the process of tying two square knots using these four cords. At this point, you'll want to start being aware of the space between knots and how much excess cord you leave in that space. Do your best to make it even throughout your table runner as you work your way along. This will create the most even, polished final product possible.

    Once you finish two square knots with the center four cords, move on to the rightmost four cords and create two square knots there as well.

    DIY macrame table runner
  10. Create Another Row

    You've completed your first row! To move on to the next row, start by setting aside the two cords on the left and the two cords on the right. You'll be dealing only with the center eight cords for this row. Create two square knots with the four left cords first. Then create two square knots with the four right cords. This will complete your second row.

    DIY macrame table runner
  11. Continue the Knotting Process

    For the third row, bring all of the cords back together and create three double square knots just as you did for the first row (in steps three through nine). Then create your fourth row by repeating step 10. Continue this process of alternating rows of three and two until your table runner is long enough for your table!

    As you create knots, do your best to keep your knots equally taut and spaced.

    DIY macrame table runner
  12. Finishing the Table Runner

    Once your runner is long enough for your table, finish it in the same way that you started it. Create pairs of two cords each, and knot them together. Then trim the ends to 10 inches of excess cord past the knots to match the other end.

    Remove the masking tape from the other end of the runner.

    DIY macrame table runner
  13. Place on Your Table

    Put that beautiful runner on your table! After you lay it down, you may find that it needs a little adjusting here or there to stretch or space the sections out. Add your place settings and any other table decor you like. Enjoy!

    DIY macrame table runner

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