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Instructions include two optional steps for making the face of the scale more realistic, which I do not have shown here.  See below for optional steps.

3/16" Thick Piece of Basswood
Miter Saw
Glue (your choice, I used Tacky Glue & Fabri-Tac for this project)
16mm split rings (as shown)
Black Glass Beads (as shown)
Black Sandpaper Medium Grit
Fine Wood Sandpaper
Photo Paper (optional)
White Glossy Spraypaint
Clear Glossy Finish Spraypaint
Small Think Plastic Circle (optional)
Small Piece of Foam (optional)


Block of wood:  1" wide x 1 1/2" Long
Cut off corners on top as shown using a miter saw
Sand down all edges to round off as shown.
Paint with white glossy spraypaint

Right click and save this dial image to your computer.  Print out using photo paper in high resolution, you want this image as clear as you can get it.  (Print out 2 copies of this for the optional 3D look as described below).  The finished printed size should measure 9/16" across (not including the black rim).  Spray with a clear glossy finish spraypaint to preserve the life of the ink.

Glue onto your wood piece at the top rounded curve.  Make sure the dial face on your scale is perfectly straight and that the "0" on the dial is facing the lower half of the scale.  Leave enough room on the top for the silver ring, so that it will line up perfectly with the edge of the wood.

Optional 3D Look:  To make your red pointer stand out, print out another copy of your scale face.  Cut out only the center black circle and red dial indicator.  Glue a tiny piece of foam under it and glue onto the existing scale face onto the scale, making sure it lines up perfectly with the existing face of the scale.  This will give your scale a nice 3D look. I did not opt to do this as I was in a rush to get this swap project done.

Using a toothpick, glue the ring onto the scale face.  I used Fabri-Tac glue for this.  Be careful not to get glue on the scale dial face.  Make sure the edge of the ring lines up with the edge of the wood on top of the scale.

Cut out a circle of plastic the same size as the ring and glue on top of it for an enclosed scale face look.  I did not opt to do this step either as I was in a rush to get this swap project done.

Print out this pattern for your black non slip pad on your scale.  Trace onto a piece of Medium Grit Black Sandpaper and cut out.

Glue the black non slip pad onto the scale making sure to line up the edge perfectly with the edge of the ring.

Glue 4 black beads onto the bottom of your scale for the feet.

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