donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Parfum Flesjes

Materials: Assortment of Beads ( plastic, glass etc.) Pieced Earing Parts or any old jewelry findings. Glue- I used Tacky Glue

Here are some of the findings I use...Notice on the far left there is a pierced earing stud.. I use this on some by first glueing a clear bead on it.. It give it a look of having a sprayer part inside. On the botton left is a hook earing hanger.. I cut it with wire cutters and glue a small bead on the end for a sprayer. Just have fun and glue a bead onto a little disc shape or what ever you find. Make many different kinds. I also use gem stones on some as a bottle top. I find things I can use a mini trays.

I have even taken apart old jewelry that I no longer use for parts... Its all just a matter of glueing your finding one on top of another.

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