dinsdag 12 januari 2021

Pot Belly Kachel

Original by Maude


    Yakult container
    12v globe with wires
    small pieces of charcoal or railway coal
    small "bubble" from something you bought
    1 1/8th circular piece from ply or basswood
    plastic or metal tube to use for chimney

Clean Yakult container thoroughly. Carefully cut apiece out of "front" of container. Paint outside black, also whatever "inside" you can see through the hole that was cut. Drill a hole low at the back to take the wire later. Make it big enough to thread wires through easily.

Make a fimo shape to fit over end of tube to attach to back of container as shown. Bake as usual and put aside.

Glue the circular piece of wood on top of the container. This could be marked if wished to represent a lid. Be sure to smooth edges as a stovetop would be. It is also painted black.

Take a piece of cardboard to "make" a fire on. Glue "bubble" onto cardboard with globe inside and wires coming out the back. The globe should be painted red or orange with glass paint and the wires fastened to hold globe in desired position. Glue tiny pieces of charcoal or railway coal all over the "bubble" with little spaces in between so you can see the "fire" when the globe is lit.

Put aside the "fire" and glue 3 [1/4 inch] beads underneath the container. Paint these black.

Paint the tubing black and attach to back of the container with the fimo shape and glue. A narrow strip of black paper could go around the tubing and glue to container further up to stabilize "chimney".

When all is ready, place "fire" inside and thread wires through to come out the back. Put some glue under cardboard to keep in place.

Cut a piece of acetate to cover the "fire" opening and glue in place. Pipe a line around the edge with the "lead" you use for leadlight windows.

Your Potbelly Stove is ready to attach to you 12v supply.

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